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Primary Care El Paso is a premier medical clinic dedicated to helping people living along the U.S.-Mexico border stay happy and healthy. Our hardworking, dedicated primary care physicians and staff provide the care and services you need to lead a healthy life. We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from anti-aging medicine to family healthcare that can keep you on the right track to a healthy future. Primary Care El Paso was founded to serve the need of good medical care in the El Paso area. When you come to us, we guarantee you will receive the best healthcare available.

Who We Are: Our Caring Staff and Doctors

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With backgrounds in health and medical care, medical publishing, and disaster relief, the doctors at Primary Care El Paso have dedicated their lives to giving back to the community. Our team is comprised of Dr. Peñaranda, Dr. Diaz, and a team of caring staff members who have dedicated themselves to better serving El Paso and the surrounding communities. When you visit our clinic, we guarantee that you will be treated with the utmost care so you can get back on track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite the bumps on the road we all face from time to time.

Our Mission & Vision

At our medical clinic in El Paso, we’ve made it our mission to ensure everyone receives the medical care they deserve. Whether you need help defeating a cold, managing a chronic illness, or are interested in anti-aging medicine, we guarantee that we can help you with all this and more. People are truly their happiest when they are healthy and feeling good about themselves. Our vision is to help all of our patients feel that way for years to come no matter their age, ethnicity, or financial background. We’re committed to helping you feel great!

Certifications & Associations

Our doctors are board certified in both family medicine and anti-aging medicine. In addition, we are also members of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As members of these associations, we hold ourselves to higher standards, work harder, and do more in order to ensure that we uphold their principles and visions. You can see this extra effort reflected in the care we provide our patients and the work we do to ensure they stay happy and healthy. As doctors, we care about our patients, which is why we always go the extra mile for them.

Our Facility

Unlike many other local clinics, our facility is spacious, clean, and accommodates your needs. We always make sure that you are comfortable, whether you’re sitting in our waiting room or being tended to in one of our patient rooms. We want you to feel comfortable and strive to make our facility a place that allows you to do so, no matter the reason for your visit.

Walk-Ins and Appointments Both Accepted

At Primary Care El Paso, we understand that sometimes life throws you curveballs. So sometimes, you need to make an appointment so you can plan ahead in your busy schedule. Other times, illnesses and other issues hit you without warning, and you need to visit a medical clinic right away. That is why we accept walk-ins and appointments, so you can get the care or checkup you need when you need it. We’ll always work with you to ensure you get the care you deserve!

What Insurances Do We Accept?

We do our best to accommodate everyone, which is why we accept all of the major commercial health insurances available. We also accept government insurances such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. We also accept self-pay customers and you can pay via cash, check, and credit card. We strive to accept all major insurances so you can come to our clinic, no matter what kind of insurance you have. At Primary Care El Paso, we’re dedicated to serving anyone looking to improve their health and will work with you no matter how you plan on paying.

Call or Visit Our Medical Clinic Today!

If you’re in need of general or family medicine, anti-aging medicine procedures, hormone replacement, or any of the services we provide, connect with us today. Our doctors are dedicated to serving the El Paso community and helping residents along the U.S.-Mexico border live happier, healthier lives. Whether you’re feeling sick or would like to invest in some anti-aging medicine procedures, we can guide you every step of the way. Give us a call today to learn more about our clinic or to make an appointment with us ASAP. We look forward to helping you!

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