As parents, you want nothing but the best for you and your family, especially when it comes to your health. At Primary Care El Paso, we specialize in providing family care and family medicine in El Paso, helping to keep you and your family happy and healthy for years to come. We offer a variety of family medicine services, so whether your child needs a physical for school or help battling a cold, we’ve got you covered. We also accept a wide variety of insurances and payment methods to help meet your needs. Our goal is to better serve families in El Paso and the surrounding communities and do so by providing top-notch medical services.

Our Family Medicine Services

We offer a wide range of family medicine services so you can keep you and your family healthy all year long. We see patients ranging from babies and children to adults and geriatrics. Our family medicine services include:

  • Acute Illnesses- When your children come down with the flu or a nasty cold, you want them to get better as soon as possible. Our family medicine doctors are here to help with that. We can prescribe medicines and other methods that can help them feel better fast. Plus, when the flu, cold, strep throat, or other acute illness they may be dealing with results in a high fever or worsens over time, you want that peace of mind of knowing they’re going to be okay. At Primary Care El Paso, we can help with just that.
  • Geriatric Health- As we age, our bodies start to, essentially, break down, meaning we need to take extra care of it, especially as we become more susceptible to illnesses and injuries. We can help aid older folks in their day to day health needs so they can continue to live happily and healthily. In fact, many of the patients we assist fall under geriatrics. We are happy to help everyone of all ages maintain their good health and stay on top of any speed bumps that may arise in the future.
  • Chronic Disease and Condition Management- Living with a chronic disease or condition can make everyday activities difficult and/or put up some roadblocks in your life. At Primary Care El Paso,, we offer chronic disease and condition management so you can take back the reins in your life and still maintain a healthy lifestyle despite this added speed bump. We can help with chronic issues such as diabetes, asthma, and other issues like high cholesterol or blood pressure. We’re here to help you through it all, so you don’t have to stress.
  • Physicals and Annual Checkups- Physicals and annual checkups help to make sure you are on the right track to a healthy future and that your children and you are making all the necessary milestones that you should be making at your age.
  • Vaccines and Immunizations- Vaccines and immunizations are an important part of maintaining healthy lives. We can provide everything from the flu shot to the necessary vaccines you, your children, or anyone else in your family need throughout your lifetimes in order to stay healthy. No one likes getting shots, which is why we make the process as quick and as easy as possible.
  • Minor Sports Injuries- What kid doesn’t like playing sports from time to time? We can assist you with minor sports injuries such as sprains or strains.

We offer comprehensive, helpful family care in El Paso,  so you and your family can maintain healthy lives. We understand that no matter what age you are, you want to do what you can to keep everyone in your family healthy. We’re here to help with that and more!

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