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Receiving yearly wellness exams and physicals check-ups are just one of the many ways we can keep us and our children happier and healthier. Annual physical exams for and identify issues you or your children may be experiencing—often issues that go undetected otherwise.

At Primary Care El Paso, we provide yearly physical exams that can help you stay on the right track to a healthy future. Whether you’re in need of a physical for school or work or would like to get your yearly exam done, we can help!

Physicals for Work, School, Sports, and More

Oftentimes, physicals are required for work, school, and to play sports. In these cases, we’ll cover what is required by these institutions in your physicals. That way, whether you’re doing this for you or your child, you can be on your way to work, school, or play in no time. We accept walk-ins and appointments in order to accommodate you and/or your child’s busy schedule.

Adults vs. Children

Yearly physical help to look for issues that may arise between appointments such as diabetes, high cholesterol, illnesses, injuries, and more. While it is recommended for both adults and children to receive yearly exams, each exam will be different depending on your age and needs.

Sports Physicals are particularly important for children because they ensure that children are making all of the necessary milestones they need to in order to be healthy. This includes height measurements, weight, strength, and coordination. Children may also receive any necessary vaccines at the time of their physicals. As children, we tend to need more vaccines compared to those needed as adults.

For adults, physicals help to uncover issues we may be facing and not realize it such as diabetes or high cholesterol. They are also important because as we age, our bodies slow down, causing some functions to slow or stop altogether. Annual physical check-ups make sure we are staying happy and healthy, no matter the changes our bodies throw at us.

The Benefits of Receiving Yearly Physicals

Receiving your yearly wellness exams and physicals come with many benefits, no matter your age! Some of these benefits include:

  • Uncovering underlying illnesses, conditions, or injuries
  • Ensuring we are making the milestones we need to be healthy
  • Keeping us up to date on vaccines and other procedures
  • Undergoing tests such as blood tests and urinalysis to ensure we’re healthy
  • Staying on top of your health
  • Finding serious issues earlier on in order to treat them right away and improve your odds of defeating the issue

Why Choose Primary Care El Paso?

The doctors at Primary Care El Paso are courteous, caring, and hardworking individuals with the education and skills needed to help you lead a healthier life. If you’re in need of a physical for you or your child, give us a call today. We accept both appointments and walk-ins. We look forward to serving you!

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