Physician filling out paperwork while speaking and sitting with patient.

In-house lab testing is the process of identifying patient illnesses and leading them to treatments by testing through an organization’s own lab as opposed to outsourcing labs. This patient-intimacy of lab testing tends to increase patient’s satisfaction and enhanced care experience. Not only is the service made to make patient’s experiences of treatment better, but is also made to be more convenient. Here at Primary Care El Paso, we offer the most advanced lab testing procedures. Here are some benefits as to why you should take advantage of the services we offer here. 

Quickly Provided Results

In-house lab testing provide specific treatments and these treatments are becoming fairly popular with patients because they are able to start the process rather quickly. It can be pretty time consuming with outsourcing labs.This is due to all the medical institutions that patients have to come into contact with for paperwork, referrals, and confirmation of a treatment plan. Some of the equipment used for treatment plans can come from one organization, while the medication specifically would need to be picked up from a different organization.

Specific to Necessary Motives

Doctors that work in the absence of an in-house lab tend to order interventions that they might not actually need, such as drugs, diagnostic procedures, and sometimes even surgery. This mishap of an intervention order happens due to the physician pushing to create quick results, whereas this is a worry that in-house labs are not preoccupied about. In-house labs are simpler and can determine ahead of time, what they will be needing for a patient’s treatment plan. This lifts the burden of patient costs and medical practice costs. 


The treatment plans go as far as you being able to treat yourself in your own home. Physicians can order a portable monitor that patients can pick up, learn how to operate, and take home to perform polysomnographs. It has become that much easier; all you have to do is adjust a finger oxygen probe, a chest belt, and a nasal tube before you sleep and the tests can be run. This is most useful when patients’ diagnoses are at an extreme chronic state. You would think that this equipment is costly, but it is set at a reasonable and fair price of being under $600. It all depends on how a doctor diagnoses you, if you would rather have the in-house testing done on your own or with the help of a physician.

We want you to understand the ways in which in-house lab testing works and how it can be an advantage for you. Contact Primary Care El Paso today to learn more about the services we can provide.