age managementMenopause, while natural, can be a difficult time in a woman’s life. Menopause brings a wide range of symptoms and troublesome issues associated with this big change. Some of these issues may include hair loss, loss of sex drive, acne, wrinkles, increased testosterone, hot flashes, and more that can lower self-esteem, comfort, and even happiness. At Primary Care El Paso, we offer hormone replacement therapy that may be able to help you combat some of the symptoms of menopause. Here’s how.


First, What Exactly is Menopause?

As a part of the natural aging process, all women go through menopause, typically in their forties and fifties. You can know that you’ve hit menopause when it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve had your last period. Essentially, during menopause, a woman’s body produces significantly fewer reproductive hormones, including estrogen and progesterone. During and after this time, women usually lose the ability to reproduce (or it becomes harder to do) and the body begins to produce more testosterone, which can lead to many of the complications listed above.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Because menopause causes women to lose hormones, because our bodies stop producing the same number of hormones it did in our youth, hormone replacement therapy becomes an option we have that can help replenish these lost hormones and reverse the effects hormone loss may have on our bodies.

What Happens During Hormone Replacement Therapy

During HRT, we typically replace the hormones by giving you special pills to take, though sometimes, it may be done via injections. These pills help to replace the hormones you lose during menopause, regulating your body’s usual order. This can help to reverse the effects of menopause, helping you to regrow hair, experience fewer hot flashes and aches and pains, while also improving libido and other issues related to sex.

While menopause is completely natural, it can be a cumbersome beast to manage. Hormone replacement therapy gives you an extra edge against this beast, so you can maintain some normalcy even during the biggest hormonal change a woman goes through. At Primary Care El Paso, our dedicated doctor is here to help you through this process.

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